StemCyte Inc. Extends Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Operation at Three Hospital Collection Sites in Southern California

BALDWIN PARK, Calif., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — California-based StemCyte is pleased to announce expanded hours for umbilical cord blood…

BALDWIN PARK, Calif., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — California-based StemCyte is pleased to announce expanded hours for umbilical cord blood collection at three hospital sites in Southern California. Made possible through a partnership between StemCyte and UC Davis Health, additional funding will be provided to grow the cord blood program by adding highly trained collection staff, and by identifying and educating cord blood ‘champions’ at the sites to help facilitate and advance this important work. Located in the cities of Los Angeles, Ontario and Fontana, the collection sites will have additional staff to collect cord blood during extended evening shifts. As these sites employ a hybrid collector-physician model, physicians and midwives will continue to collect cord blood afterhours. This added coverage to each site allows StemCyte to be able to offer more patients the opportunity to participate in California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program.

This Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program (UCBCP) is a California statewide program administered by UC Davis Health. The goal of UCBCP is to increase the number of high-quality, publicly banked umbilical cord blood units and make them available to anyone for lifesaving transplantations. StemCyte has been collaborating with UC Davis Health on the program since 2012. This additional increase in support sets the stage for a dramatic increase in quality cord blood collections from a diverse donor base that is unique to Southern California.

As a California-based hybrid public and private cord blood banking company with over 23 years’ experience and a strong research focus, StemCyte stands ready as the optimal fit for this collaboration. The newborn stem cells collected from the cord blood will be processed and stored with the highest quality standards in the industry. «It is a great honor and privilege for StemCyte to be partnered with UC Davis for California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Program (UCBCP). We are proud of the work we have done to provide nearly 90% of the high quality and genetically diverse units selected for transplant from the state. The ability to extend collection coverage at these three sites will not only broaden opportunities for expectant parents to donate their babies’ cord blood, but it is also likely to increase the genetic diversity of cord blood units that are added to the public registry. We are determined to work closely with physicians and staff through continuing support for this program to achieve its goals. StemCyte is one of the most accredited cord blood banks in the world and is the leading hybrid bank in California, which provides services for public banking as well as private banking,» said Dr. Tong-Young Lee, CEO of StemCyte. 

About California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program (UCBCP)

California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program (UCBCP) is a statewide program administered by UC Davis Health in Sacramento. The collection service is the state’s first comprehensive public system for collecting cord blood that will be stored at an established, qualified cord blood bank like StemCyte. Mothers can donate their newborns’ umbilical cord blood, and have it publicly banked so it is available to anyone for lifesaving transplantations. 

About StemCyte 

StemCyte’s rich history started with a mission of dedication to helping the world’s physicians save more lives by providing high quality, safe and effective stem cell transplantation and therapy to all patients in need. Located in the US, India, and Taiwan, StemCyte has supplied over 2100 cord blood units for a variety of life-threatening diseases to over 300 leading worldwide transplant centers.  StemCyte is actively involved in the development of stem cell therapies. StemCyte was chosen by the US Department of Health and Human Services to help establish a public National Cord Blood Inventory. Its headquarters are in Baldwin Park, CA. To learn more, visit or call 626.646.2500.

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